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Important Numbers

Important Numbers


Robert Howard - Mayor
e: mayor@eastmckeesportboro.com

John Ekiert - Council President
e: john@eastmckeesportboro.com

Edgar Ruffolo - Council Vice President
e: eruffolo@eastmckeesportboro.com

Mary Lechliter - Councilmember
e: mlechliter@eastmckeesportboro.com

Linda Nolan - Councilmember
e: linda@eastmckeesportboro.com

Nolan Maurzi - Councilmember
e: nmaurizi@eastmckeesportboro.com

Scott Howard - Councilmember
e: showard@eastmckeesportboro.com

Joesph Kleppick- Councilmember
e: jkleppick@eastmckeesportboro.com

Russell Stroschein - Police Chief
e: chief@eastmckeesportboro.com
w: Police webpage

Connie Rosenbayger - Borough Manager
e: administrator@eastmckeesportboro.com
p: (412) 824-2531

Alex Coyne - Code Enforcement Department Manager
p: (412) 690-0304
w: Visit webpage

Robert Ferraninolo - Tax Collector
p: (412) 858-5115
w: Tax Collection webpage


Council meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month in the Council Chamber at the municipal building.

Sable Kennels - Animal Control
p: 412-660-2350
w: Visit webpage

Borough Engineer - Glen Engineering & Associates
p: (412)-824-5672

Daniel P. Beisler - Borough Solicitor
p: (724) 978-0500

Water - Wilkinsburg-Penn Joint
p: (412) 243-6200

Sewage Collections - TCVCOG
p: (412) 858-5115
w: Visit webpage

Tax Collection - Keystone Municipal Collections
p: (724) 978-0300
w: Visit webpage

Roxanne Eichler - District Magistrate
p: (412) 829-7991

Reuse - Big's Sanitation
p: (724) 379-4331
w: Refuse Collection webpage

Parks and Recreation
e: recreation@eastmckeesportboro.com
w: Parks webpage - coming soon