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Emergency Management for the borough of East McKeesport, as well as for any Municipality in the Commonwealth, is responsible to plan and respond to incidents that can have an effect on the residents of our Borough.

These can go from weather that could bring everything to a standstill to an accident which may release a hazardous material.

Part of that planning is how we can best care for our Borough's residents during a large scale incident that may require an evacuation of all or part of East McKeesport. To that end your Emergency Management has gathered together a number of volunteers, most of whom are our own neighbors, to willingly give up their time to help us all. These volunteers willingly set-up and operate evacuation centers so victims of emergencies will have a place to find to get out of harms' way. You may have seen a trailer from the American Red Cross around town over the last few years, inside is enough supplies and equipment to help care for over a hundred folks who may find themselves being temporarily evacuated from their homes.

Emergency Management for our Borough also works with our neighboring communities to help whenever a large disaster would strike them. We all work together to insure that everyone is cared for and helped to recover from emergencies, and get their lives back to normal.

If you would like to find out more or how you could help, please contact us at emergencymanager@eastmckeesportboro.com

If you wish to help yourself and your family prepare, you can follow this link: www.swpa.redcross.org