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Keystone Collections Group serves as the Earned Income Tax, Local Services Tax, Delinquent Real Estate Tax and Business Privilege / Mercantile Tax Collector for East McKeesport Borough.

Keystone offers online payment options for many taxes.
Earned Income (Individual): efile.keystonecollects.com
Earned Income (Business): business.keystonecollects.com
Delinquent Real Estate: pay.keystonecollects.com
Local Services (Business): business.keystonecollects.com
Local Services (Individual): Access Forms
Business Privilege: Access Forms If you prefer to pay by mail: Mailing Address

East McKeesport Borough residents are subject to a local earned income tax at the rate of one (1%) percent, which is split between East McKeesport Borough and East Allegheny School District.

Local Earned Income Tax Annual Final Return Form and Instructions
Tax forms and filing instructions are sent to taxpayers annually. Tax forms and instructions are also available online at

If you are a Wage Earner/Salaried Employee
Pennsylvania employers are required by law to withhold earned income tax from all employees’ pay. Your employer must obtain and report certain information about your residence and your PA work location and withhold the correct amount of earned income tax. Online filing is available at efile.KeystoneCollects.com

If you are Self-Employed or Employed Outside of PA
If you are self-employed, have earnings reported on Form 1099, or work outside of PA and your employer does not withhold your earned income tax, you must report your income and pay your tax quarterly.
Report and pay quarterly estimates online at efile.KeystoneCollects.com

If you are an Employer
You are required to withhold earned income tax for East McKeesport Borough from your employees’ compensation. Keystone’s Business Portal is the quickest way to report EIT withholding. You can file your quarterly payroll withholding online and pay online or by mail

Local Services Tax (LST) is imposed where the employee works, regardless of where the employee lives. The tax is assessed during each payroll period and is withheld proportionately for the number of payroll periods within the calendar year. Pennsylvania law requires employers to withhold and report employee LST. Quarterly payroll withholding and payment is due within 30 days after the close of the calendar quarter. First quarter payment is due to the Tax Officer on or before April 30.

Every person who works in East McKeesport Borough and earns more than $12,000/year pays the local service tax (LST) of $52/year. Every employer in East McKeesport Borough is required to withhold the LST on behalf of their employees and remit payment to Keystone Collections Group.
Business payments can be remitted online at business.KeystoneCollects.com
Individuals remitting LST should access the Local Services Tax form.pdf

Annual real estate taxes are due by July 31 of the year. Payments not received by December 31 of the year are turned over to Keystone as delinquent. East McKeesport Borough has partnered with Keystone Collections Group for collection of delinquent real estate taxes.

After receipt of East McKeesport’s delinquent tax roll, Keystone mails a letter to each t taxpayer with the amount due. Please wait for that letter to pay your delinquent taxes to ensure you pay the correct amount.

Payments can be made by visiting pay.keystonecollects.com

Tax Certifications
To submit a real estate tax certification request, complete the Tax/Fee Certification form and follow the instructions provided on the webpage.

East McKeesport Borough imposes a tax on each dollar of gross annual receipts for a business within the municipality. This tax applies to services, rentals and retail/wholesale sales.

Access Keystone Collections Group Business Privilege Forms and search for East McKeesport to locate the required form and due dates.

Keystone will begin mailing local earned income tax notices in January. We encourage all taxpayers to easily and securely file online to improve filing accuracy.
   • Encourage your taxpayers to file online
   • Remind them that answers can be found by accessing our Frequently Asked Questions.
   • Submit questions 24/7 using our Contact form.
   • Inform individual taxpayers that they can avoid mailing tax returns by using e-file and selecting DocAtach
Consider adding this information to your website to provide Taxpayers with the information they need. PER CAPITA & OCCUPATION TAX PAYMENT DEADLINE APPROACHES
Taxpayers must submit Current Per Capita and Occupation Tax payments or exemption requests by December 31. In most jurisdictions, taxpayers who fail to comply with this final deadline will be turned over for collection.
Taxpayers can submit tax exemption requests using either:
   • Keystone's e-Pay:
   • Mail
      • Refer to the instructions on the back of the invoice or
      • Print and submit a Per Capita Exemption form or Occupation Tax Exemption form

For our real estate tax clients, we know it is important to maintain punctuality in the real estate tax billing process at Keystone. We must accept payments, ensure timely processing and compile unpaid accounts for turnover to your delinquent collector by the statutorily mandated deadline.
In order to decrease the number of payments that taxpayers mail at the last minute, we include specific language in the Reminder Notices urging taxpayers to remit payment as soon as possible. Taxpayers can remit their payment online at pay.KeystoneCollects.com, or they may call 724-978-0300 for assistance.
Our team will be working extremely hard to accurately complete the tax collection year and turn over the unpaid accounts to your delinquent collector.
Be aware that once the data turnover process is started, we will not be able to interrupt the process to accept late payments.

Visit KeystoneCollects.com for answers to your most frequently asked questions. Contact Keystone Collections Group Taxpayer Services online or at 1-866-539-1100.

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