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The Borough of East McKeesport Police Department provides police services to both the Borough of East McKeesport as well as the Borough of Wall.

Police Chief Russell Stroschein
Officer Scott Lowden
Officer Eric Hess
Officer Timothy Walker
Officer Robert Michels
Officer Robert Waros
Officer Ronald Waros


The department is made up of 3 full time officers and 7 part time officers. The department is responsible for the enforcement of all state laws as well as the ordinances of the Borough. All officers are certified in First Aid, CPR, and the use of the AED (Automated External Defibrillator). The officers also have been trained in the use of the TASER.

The department has 4 police vehicles, 2 Ford Explorers and 2 Chevy Impalas. The patrol cars are equipped with video cameras and laptop computers. There is an officer in the department certified in Accident Reconstruction, an officer certified in the Inspection of Commercial Motor Vehicles as well as a certified Firearms and Taser Instructor. Officers are responsible for patrolling the Borough's parks and enforcing the 10:00pm curfew for those under the age of 18.

The Allegheny County 911 Center in Point Breeze dispatches the police department. Any emergency or request for police assistance should be called into the department by dialing 911. Other non-emergency requests can be called directly to the police station at 412-824-0324. The Animal Control officer is Ken Feree who can be reached at 412-672-6699. Allmor Towing, 412-672-0505, is the towing service for the Borough.

The department performs Vacation Checks of resident's homes while they are away. To have the department complete service you can come to the station and report the information to the department or the form is located on the Borough web site. Officers will then make periodic checks of your home while you are away and inform you of any problem found.

The officers also enforce the Borough's Abandoned Vehicle Ordinance and High Grass Ordinance. All vehicles must have a current registration, inspection and emission as well as be operable or they are not permitted on the Borough streets or properties within the Borough. If your vehicle is deemed abandoned you will receive an orange sticker and written notice to correct the issue or remove the vehicle. If your grass, hedges, trees or other property issue is found, you will receive a door hanger advising of the violation and giving you time to make the necessary corrections.

Citizens of the Borough need to report any suspicious persons or activities that they observe. Any person going door-to-door selling services or products are required to obtain a permit from the Borough. If you believe that there is something going on in your neighborhood you can make your complaint anonymously so that it may be checked out. You can also submit anonymous tips to the police department through an email address, tips@eastmckeesportboro.com, click here. You can leave information there and will not be contacted unless you request to be or state that you can be.