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Residential & Commercial Building Permits

Residential & Commercial Building Permits

Code Enforcement Agency

Address: 1633 Route 51, Suite 100, Jefferson Hills, PA 15125
Phone: 1 (888) 410-4952
Website: www.cea-code.com

Guidelines and Helpful Application Instructions
100% of Residential Plan failures are asked for the following additional information.

New Construction - Addition - Single Family / Duplex - 2018 IRC
I) Completed (legible) drawings of the proposed construction including the following:
   -  Footing, foundation, framing (including side wall) details
   -  Proper layout and dimensions details of the proposed
   -  Insulation, wallboard and flashing details
   -  Res -check for energy compliance
   -  Mechanical, plumbing and electrical details (if applicable)
   -  Roofing method, (Truss, flat, rafter etc..) TRUSS roof requires an engineered stamped design at application.
A narrative describing the construction information is helpful. Please note, an inventory sheet, material list or supply receipts are not narratives.

POOL & Spas
I) Inground or above ground? Type of Pool? Electrical service to new Pool?
   -  Device (fence) Protection from entering the pool? WHERE?
   -  Electrical set up and connections? (Bonding & Grounding methods)
   -  Drain from the pool or spa?
   -  Deck or Platform? Deck information and narrative.

Decks and Balconies - (including roof over decks)
I) Describe the deck or balcony in DETAIL. Including the following:
   -  How are you securing or attaching the deck to the structure?
   -  Type of wood and dimensions of materials being used
   -  Layout and design of the deck or balcony (including projections)
   -  Beams, posts and fasteners, hangers and straps being used.
   -  Depth of footings and securing methods of supports.
   -  Safety devices - handrails, side supports and guides posts.
   -  Electrical outlets (11Ov) also any lights, fans or other.

**Please note, this reference is not the only required information for plans examination, but more to help advise you in the application of what information is required. Additional details and information may be requested and required prior to the issuance of a building permit.

Residential List of Inspections:
   1) Plan Review and Permitting
   2) Footing - (Usually want these early so they can pour concrete)
      (Could be a Pier inspection or post hole inspection)
   3) Foundation - Solid pour or block foundations
   4) Underground- Plumbing (perhaps electrical conduits) - Contractor MUST have the system ready and under test. ( Means air or water)
   5) Rough Ins- Electrical is always 1st! Plumbing (outside Allegheny) Mechanical Plumbing MUST be ready and under test. (means air or water)
   6) Framing - Once Rough electrical is completed, ROUGH mechanical / plumbing should be stacked at framing all at once.
   7) Insulation - part of the energy code
   8) Drywall - Sometimes called Wallboard. ( NO mudding until completed)
   9) FINALS - Just reverse the roughs- Electrical ( 1st) Mechanical / Plumbing & Final all together for OCCUPANCY.

Note: Electrical must be COMPLTED prior to scheduling the rough ins & final inspections.

Please review the document listed below for additional details regarding Residential Decks, Why do you require an Architect or Engineer, 2023 Municipal Plan Review Fees, Electrical Inspection Fee Schedule, Inground & Above Ground Pool & SPA, Residential Solar Panels fees, and Cell Tower Permit Fees

Additional Documents
Residential Application Instructions.pdf

Residential & Commercial Application download
Residential Building Application.pdf
Commercial UCC Building Permit Application.pdf