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Renting a Property Information

Renting a property?

In East McKeesport Borough, a dwelling unit that is leased/let is required to be inspected and pass that inspection prior to any change of occupancy or tenant. The owner/manager is responsible for applying for an occupancy permit and scheduling an inspection with the code officer. The permit is issued in the name of the tenant(s) for that property. An inspection and permit issuance is required every time there is a change of tenant. If the current owner does not reside within a 15-mile radius of East McKeesport, then the owner is required to designate a manager that does. This manager must be an individual person, as outlined in §11-2xx of the East McKeesport Borough Code of Ordinances. Obtaining a permit is required prior to any owner/manager allowing a new tenant to move into a dwelling or commercial space.

Occupancy Inspection
1. Print and complete the application, available by clicking here, and then submit, along with a check, made payable to the Turtle Creek Valley Council of Governments (TCVCOG), to the East McKeesport Borough Office, located at the municipal building, 907 Florence Ave East McKeesport, PA 15035.

2. After application and payment are made, within two weeks, the code officer will call, between normal business hours, to schedule an inspection. The telephone number listed for the owner will be used for scheduling, unless section 2 is completely filled out, listing another contact person.

3. Attached to the Permit application is a list of common failures, this list is not a complete list of items checked." Please review this list and ensure that all the items listed are repaired prior to inspection.


In the event of a borough occupancy inspection PASS
The permit will be generated and mailed to the owner listed on the application.

In the event of a borough occupancy inspection FAILURE
1. Within five days of the inspection, an inspection report will be sent to the owner or contact person, via email. Please provide an email address on the application.
2. All repairs listed on the inspection report as well as any other code violations must be repaired/remedied prior to a re-inspection. Once completed, please contact the code enforcement officer to schedule a re-inspection.

*For the complete International Property Maintenance Code, please visit www.iccsafe.org.

*AII repairs must be made in accordance with current building codes; including the International Property Maintenance Code.

*It is the responsibility of the owner/manager to ensure that the property is code compliant with all applicable codes regardless of tenancy status.